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23rd Annual FIRST Conference – Podcast

It’s not often I get to visit a conference close to home, but as luck would have it, this years annual FIRST conference is taking place in my own back yard. Prior to the conference start, I teamed up with Martin McKeay from the NetSec Podcast to record a few interesting interviews for FIRST. As the conference kicks off today, I’ll be doing a few sit-down interviews with speakers and organizers that should be released over the coming weeks.

If you get a chance to listen to the podcasts and have feedback, please feel free to get in touch through chris [AT] eurotrashsecurity [DOT] eu. Always striving to do better 😉


#BSidesVienna Call For Papers (or how do I get in without a ticket?)

Remember back on April 3rd when I said “#BSidesVienna Tickets! Get em while they’re H0T“, well, I really meant it!

We released the first phase of tickets on April 3rd, and all 4o0 tickets went in under 48 hours.

Just to keep people happy we released the second phase of tickets on April 11th… which unsurprisingly went in under 24 hours!

It’s amazing that a first time event in Vienna can assign so many tickets in such a short time, and I’m really looking forward to seeing who’s going to attend. From the stats, there’s a great deal of local interest, with a nice amount of international thrown in for good measure. This is exactly what we wanted when we first started talking about the possibility of a BSides Vienna many months ago.

So, the question I keep getting now is… “How do I get in if I’ve not already got a ticket?”. Well that’s simple to answer, you can get in through the Call For Papers of course!. We’re still looking for people to give presentations, demos, lively discussion panels, workshops and lightning talks. If you’ve got something to say, then we can provide the forum to do it. Everybody attending is part of the greater security community, so there’s no better place to start an idea, try something new, or just break out of the mold and do something you’ve never done before!

If you’re interested in attending BSides Vienna and don’t have a ticket… please consider sending something in for the CFP, you never know what might happen!

See you in Vienna I hope!


About BSidesVienna

BSidesVienna is a community driven security conference taking place in Vienna, Austria on June 18th 2011 (directly after the 23rd annual FIRST conference). As with all BSides conferences, the content and discussions are up to you, the attendees, to decide, and EVERYTHING is free.

More information can be found on the BSidesVienna website at http://www.bsidesvienna.com or by following the BSidesVienna twitter feed (@BSidesVienna)


#BSidesVienna Tickets! Get em while they’re H0T

Well the day has finally come… BSidesVienna has been a reality for a while, with lots of fever pitched organizational stuff going on in the back ground by dedicated staff and automated processes (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but there has been lots of work going on!)

Today is the day you guys, the community, get to take part. The first phase of tickets will be going online for reservation at 13:00 CEST (UTC +2) today over at http://bsidesvienna.eventbrite.com. If previous European BSides events are anything to go by, then I’m sure they’ll disappear quite well. Phase 2 of tickets will be announced soon, along with the Call For Papers link!

Get your F5 fingers ready…. and brush up those CFP entries!

About BSidesVienna

BSidesVienna is a community driven conference taking place in Vienna, Austria on June 18th 2011 (directly after the 23rd annual FIRST conference). As with all BSides conferences, the content and discussions are up to you, the attendees, to decide, and EVERYTHING is free.

More information can be found on the BSidesVienna website at http://www.bsidesvienna.com or by following the BSidesVienna twitter feed (@BSidesVienna)

Back to action

After a slightly extended stay in Japan I’m back in Austria with a pile of work in front of me. For those of you who’ve not already had a chance to laugh, there was a slight issue with my return ticket. After all July and August are very close together. Instead of just staying the extra month I opted to rebook the flight. Still, at least I noticed before I got the airport (not much before, but still).

I hope you found the FIRST conference updates useful. As always they’re a brain dump of what I saw and heard from the conference pretty much as it’s said. They might not be the clearest notes in the world, but I hope they help to give an overview of what happened at the event. Although the FIRST conference doesn’t fit with my usual conference plans it was good to see how the other half live. It’s easy for people always on the attacking side to loose track of what we’re really trying to achieve. Even if we spend our lives attacking and penetrating networks the end goal is the same as the defenders, to make things more secure. Hopefully I’ll be able to attend next years event in Miami and bring you the same updated from there. Feel free to email the guys at FIRST and let them now how much you liked the updates. Every little thing helps. Right now I’m not sure when/if the papers will be made public to people who didn’t attend the conference. If there are any questions or you need some more information about a specific talk let me know and I’ll see if I can arrange some more information. Some of the previous papers and presentations are available online. I managed to catchup with Martin McKeay from the Network Security Podcast for a few days while we were there. His pictures of the lovely location (Kyoto) are going to be much better than anything I could think of with my camera. Luckily he’s put up some of the pictures on his Flickr feed for the world to enjoy.

So what’s next. I’ve got a few weeks in Austria to catchup with work and then it’s time to head over to Blackhat/DefCon. This is my first trip to the US and the guys at Blackhat were nice enough to extend me a press pass for the event. So expect some nice information flow from the event. I’ll try my best (as always) to bring you information on the day.

In other business, the latest issue of HAKIN9 is out with my roundup of Blackhat Europe and a rather embarrassing interview. Please don’t laugh too much after reading it. I’d say I was drunk when I wrote it, but I think it would have turned out better if I was. I also got a nice message from Larry “haxorthematrix” Pesce on Twitter about my Metadata article in the latest 2600 magazine. So I guess at least people in the US have received this. Hope you enjoy. It’s not as technical as I’d have liked, but I felt it was appropriate for the audiance (sorry average 2600 reader). As always feedback is always well received (good and bad).

Sometime before my trip to Blackhat I hope to put up some information about my long running (or long stalled) mini-project on Metasploit exploits running on non-English versions of Windows. I need to give a short talk about this at Hacking At Random in the Netherlands (at the Cupfighter Village). Frank Breedijk from AutoNessus fame was kind enough to offer me a place to sleep at the conference. Paying my way with a presentation seems like the least I can do. This is probably the same topic as I’ll be covering at this years IT-SecX conference in St.Pölten. Talking of IT-SecX, they finally posted the pictures from last years events… so here’s one of me looking more than a little scared during my presentation, and one looking more than a little relieved after it was over. Hopefully this year will be better.

So, back to work. I can’t hang around here forever 😉