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Text-based adventures… a retrospective

© Jared von Hindman (http://headinjurytheater.com/) I hope he doesn't crash a plane into my house for using this image ;)

© Jared von Hindman (http://headinjurytheater.com/)

I still remember the first ever text-based adventure I played. No need for high-end graphics cards and kinetic camera systems. Just you against the mind of the creator.

Wether it was Zork, Leather goddesses of Phobos, or any of a thousand spin-off titles, they all remind me of my childhood! It seems like an age ago now, but it went a little something like this.


You wake up, bleary eyed in a long darkly light room. Your right arm aches from the injection, at least you think that’s what it was. Memories are hard to grasp as your head spins. The walls are bare and the air has an acrid smell to it that makes you gag.

There is a large oak door to the north and a small gap in the south wall leading off into darkness.

> go north

“I don’t understand what you want me to do”

> n

You go north. Beyond the door is a room of wonders. In the sparse light you see things that you never thought you’d ever see. You are eaten by a grue!

> go south

“I don’t understand what you want me to do”

> s

You breath in and squeeze your way along the ever shrinking tunnel. Just as you think it can’t get any smaller, you’re eaten by a grue!

> look

“look at what”

> look at floor

“It’s a floor”

> go^H^Hw

“You can’t go that way”

> e

“You can’t go that way”

> up

“You can’t go that way”

> down

“You can’t go that way”

> nweweqwqeqwrqwrqwr

“I don’t understand what you want me to do”

> fuck

“What do you want to fuck?”

> you

“I don’t understand what you want me to do”

> se

“Congratulations you’ve found a secret tunnel leading south east corner. The tunnel is long and winds up and down until it comes into the bright midday sun. Your eyes adjust to the harsh light just in time to see yourself getting eaten by a grue!

> exit

“I don’t understand what you want me to do”

> quit

“are you sure you want to quit?”

> Y

“You are eaten by a grue…”


Bluetooth fun

Well I’m finally getting a chance to update my blog after a few weeks of Semi holiday. Saw some interesting things in London, just a pity I was too slow with the camera. I saw an error message on an advert screen that would have made Johnny Long proud. IP address and all….

As some people who read this blog are probably aware, I like to play about with Bluetooth when I’m on a trip. After all when you’re in a train of a bus, there’s not much else to do. I’ve been using the Bloover app from Trinite group for a while now, just for scanning the local area and looking at what devices are pumping out information. The application is a simple java install and even works on my ancient Nokia phone from before the dawn of Metasploit (or dawn of time if you prefer). All you need is support for J2ME on your phone and you’re laughing. After a couple of long(ish) train journeys to and from London, I had amassed quite a list of Bluetooth names (Some of which are Shown below). Knowing what a battery hog bluetooth can be, I really wonder about some peoples phone use. After all nobody in my cabin on the train was using a bluetooth headset, infact most where just shouting into their headsets doing the usual thing where they think everybody needs to know about their life. Anyway lets ignore that fact before people start to draw up analogies to people blogging 😉

Amongst the usual names like Nokia, SDH-900 and various other brand/model names, there was a distinct pattern emerging. A good percentage of people simply give their name as the Bluetooth broadcast ID, the rest say something about their character (I’m looking at your Thrustmeister). It’s all very entertaining, at least it gave my Girlfriend and I endless fun. However on the more serious side, the uses for this in a Social Engineering situation could be amusing. Sitting in a coffee shop snooping on Bluetooth ID’s until you can pinpoint who’s phone belongs to who. If you can find a Bluetooth Broadcast ID displaying a name, or a company name, then the follow-up conversation becomes so much easier. After all, nobody wants to admit that they’ve totally forgotten their first boyfriend/girlfriend back at high-school or the Boss from the Canadian office.

Tip of the day.. turn off your bluetooth when you’re not using it. End of story…

Total protection !!!

Finally an Anti-virus and personal firewall solution that you can be proud to own. Be the envy of your friends and co-workers…

Unfortunately for those of us outside of China we’re going to have to wait patiently. I guess the people behind Hello Kitty saw an opening in the Computer security market in China and went for it. After all there are a lot of exposed hosts in China that could do with some better protection. Who better to provide it than Hello Kitty.

This would go nicely with anybody who actually purchased the Hello Kitty laptops that were on the market a while back.