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26C3: Sleep Hacking

Well it’s the first day at #26C3 and purely by chance I stuck my head into the lightening talks to see Paula (@p4ula) talking about sleep hacking. This has been something that’s interested me for a while, as I’m sure it has many hackers before me. After all, we all want to fit more hours into the day, and I know more than my fair share of people that seem to never sleep at all.

There’s only so much information you can fit into a 4 minute lightening talk, luckily enough Paula had arranged a breakout room for Q&A after the talk, and it was packed. Seems like it’s not just me and Benny (@security4all) interested in this topic.

If you want to find out more information about Paula’s talk, and Polyphasic sleep in general check out the following links .: