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User Enumeration with Burp Suite – HAKIN9 03/2009

The latest issue of HAKIN9 is due to hit the shelves soon. Alongside a number of other intresting articles you’ll find one on user enumeration with Burp Suite. As with any article, blog post or other content I write, feedback is always well received. So please take time to let me know what you think. After all we can only improve if we know where we’ve gone wrong.

Didier Stevens also has an article on PDF formats, which from my understanding is the start of a series on the topic of evil PDF files. If anybody knows evil PDF’s then it’s definetly Didier Stevens.

Hakin9 01/2009

hakin9_logoWell, sometime while I was in London it seems the new Hakin9 magazine hit the shelves. Somewhere in there is an article I wrote a few months back on security training. I hope it helps people that are looking at the options. Maybe I’ll revisit the topic in another 12 months to look at the OSCP and a few of the more specific SANS courses.

Overall I’m happy with the article, although somewhere between proof reading and print “C|EH” turned into “CIEH” it seems. Still, I hope that everything else is ok. Let me know your thoughts…. constructive criticism is always welcomed.