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It’s crazy the amount of blogs that have news about the Palin attack. I mean, I tried to avoid the whole thing to a point, but after briefly browsing the CTunnel site and seeing the policy I wanted to cover it from a privacy standpoint. I fully admit that I was too quick to post, and should have done a little more research. The terms of service from CTunnel is made clear on another page, that somehoy managed to slip past me. All logs are retained for 7 days. So they still have some time to act and get the logs, if the attacker didn’t use a second proxy service (and beyond).

However, this post is about something totally different.

My blog doesn’t get high levels of traffic, after all I’m not well known in the security world. I’ve never written a security book, tool, or presented at a conference. So who the hell am I. Truth is this blog was for me more than anybody else. You can learn a lot by writing about it, and I hope to learn more in the months and years to come. It  just seems scary to me the amount of page views that have come my way as a result of posting the word “Palin” on my blog. It seems silly, but it’s true. If this kind of response comes from posting about Palin, then imagine the level of malicious email circulating right now using Palin as a cover story. I’m not in the loop when it comes to levels of malicious emails, but if the trend of using current events as cover for these type of mail continues then I’m sure we’ll start seeing emails using this tactic.

Keep an eye on the Internet Storm Center diary, as they’ll be the ones in the know on this.