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Metasploit SAP Management Console AUX Modules: The RELEASE

So, the nice people at Metasploit (thanks HDM, Bannedit) have committed a bunch of my SAP auxiliary modules to the Metasploit SVN tree [r11858].

Alongside the modules I already released, I also finished up testing on the SAP_service_discovery module and wrote a new module sap_mgmt_con_brute for brute-forcing username|password through the SAP Management Consoles Basic Auth authentication*.

As these are MyFirst© Metasploit modules I’d appreciate any feedback you might have. I’ve still got a few modules to write-up once I get time, but I think these should be enough for you guys to be going on with.

Have fun, but not too much fun 😉


Special thanks to Bannedit (and all the others in #Metasploit) for putting up with silly Ruby/Metasploit questions!

* This is a brute-force module… you may lock out accounts. Obvious really, but apparently that needs to be said!