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New image

A little over a month back I spoke to Marisa about the InfoSec Mentor program. At the time I thought it was a great chance to really help people in the industry to learn from people more experienced or knowledgeable. With that said, I obviously thought there’s no way I’m smart enough to be a mentor. As such I threw my name into the hat to be a mentee. I’ve only been in the industry for a little over 2 years after all…. I wouldn’t dare claim to be anything more than somebody who tries, and sometimes succeeds! But only sometimes 😛

Flash forward to a month later and the selections are made for mentors and mentees…. so, drum roll please….. Who did I get partnered with….. None other than Jayson E. Street (incase you don’t know him… here is a picture). How ironic… especially considering my comments on Twitter when I made my application. Still, Jayson is a friend and a great guy. So I’m sure this will work out great.

So, to my first steps as a mentee…. time to change my image. It needed an update, the fat English guy look wasn’t working for me anyway. So here it is. The new mentee look…

The journey has only just begun…. there are many choices still to be made, and I’m sure Jayson will guide me through them. The hard ones however, I’ll have to make myself….

Hopefully I’ll have made the choice before DefCon rolls around!


Yousif Yalda strikes again

Over the past few weeks, Wesley at the excellent www.mcgrewsecurity.com has blogged about the infamous (I use that word very very loosely) security consultant Yousif Yalda. I’ll save you the pain of re-hashing what’s already been covered, but you should really check out the hilarious posts on Wesley’s blog. If your having a dull day this’ll pep you right up 😉

sorry_CA01 For bonus points, you also get to listen to Yousif’s friend/lackey phoning Wesley at 2am to get all repetitive up on his ass. It’s funny, on a whole new level. If you listen closely you even get to hear him cussing me out as a MF’ing Canadian. Close, but not quite accurate. In that I’ve never even BEEN to Canada. The slideshow Wesley has kindly added to stop us all from falling asleep during the inane ramblings adds well to the overall effect as the crazy man-spud takes repetition to whole new level. I wonder if the audio would make a good ringtone ???