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BruCON: Podcasters Meetup

For the first time in the history of security podcasters meetups, podcasters from three continents will join forces at Brucon on September 24th, 2010 to record a podcast episode while streaming live audio and video.

We would like to thank our awesome sponsors for helping to make this event possible:






We would also like to thank the BruCON organizers for providing the location, support and assistance to put this event together.

Cool, when will this take place

  • Date : September 24th
  • Time : 21:00-22:00
  • Place : Main auditorium @ the Brucon venue
  • More info on Brucon ? http://www.brucon.org

Who will be there ?

The following podcasts will be present at the meetup :

So what are you all up to ?

We’re podcasters. We podcast. Generally this means we talk into microphones while a recording device picks up the soundwaves we produce. On this occasion we will discuss topics provided by the audience and security-related questions from the audience. We will not provide general counselling or relationship advice.

We might randomly throw some swag your way, a helmet is optional.

After the recording you can join us in the Brucon lounge where we will chill out and partake in Seccubus Powerpoint Karaoke. Drinks are on us until 11pm. Whatever will happen AFTER that is still a big question. As the question is slowly answered, it remains BIG and might grow HUGE. More details soon.

I have a topic or a question for you!

Send everything you want to ask us : feedback@eurotrashsecurity.eu

It’s not too late to become a sponsor of this event. Apart from making our listeners very happy, it is a unique chance to showcase your brand to the security community. Occasions where you are represented to an audience of thousands on 3 different continents are rare. hit us up at feedback@eurotrashsecurity.eu for details.

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