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Filling your ipod…update!

Back at the tail end of 2009 I put up a post entitled “Filling your ipod…” that gave links to some interesting security related podcasts. As It’s close to the 2 year mark, and a lot has happened in both security and the podcasting scene over that time, I thought it was time for a refresh. The landscape has changed a bit, with new additions and others falling by the wayside…

I won’t list all the podcasts in my feed here, simply because I don’t actually listen to every episode of every podcast on the list. There are a select few that I list to on a regular basis on the trip to and from work, however there are many more that I dip into when the topic seems interesting. The Hacker Public Radio feed is a prime example of this, where the topics can range from highly technical, to a short musical clip. Just because it’s in the feed, doesn’t mean you HAVE to listen to them all. I’ve included an export of my entire feed for those foolhardy enough to use it 😉


  • Security Podcast Feed Complete Export (OPML Format) –> XML

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Filling your ipod…

Over some drinks at the last CERT.AT meeting in Vienna, the topic of security podcasts came up. It’s a topic that seems to be discussed a lot, and everybody has there own set of favourite podcasts that they listen to. So I’ve finally had time to sit down and go through my podcast list to pull out some of the ones I feel are worth listening to. Podcasts are a personal thing. Some people like highly technical podcasts, other like more operational style topics. I try to mix them up a little to get a bit of everything. Hope you enjoy, and if there’s something good that’s not on my list, please let me know. I can’t promise I’ll listen, but I’d be happy to try it out.

  • Social Media Security Podcast –> iTunes Link

    • Social Media Security [24.12.2009: Not currently active]
    • Lots of great social media tips and tricks…
  • Eurotrash Security Podcast –> iTunes Link

    • Explicit: Security interviews and news [24.12.2009: Newly added]
    • Hosted by Wim Remes, Dale Pearson, Craig Balding, and Chris John Riley
  • TRACsec Podcast –> RSS Link

    • Security interviews and news [24.12.2009: Newly added]
    • Hosted by Arron “Finux” Finnon, Tom Mackenzie, and Chris John Riley
  • BruCON Podcast –> iTunes Link

    • The official Brucon conference podcast [24.12.2009: Not currently active]
  • Cloud Security Podcast –> iTunes Link

    • Cloud security news, events, analysis and interviews
    • Hosted by Craig Balding & Chris Hoff
  • Crypto-Gram Security Podcast –> iTunes Link

    • Audio version of Bruce Schneier’s Monthly Crypto-Gram Newsletter
  • Cyberspeak –> iTunes Link

    • Computer crime and forensics podcast
  • Exotic Liability –> iTunes Link

    • Explicit: Exotic Liability will push you into the new generation of Security
    • The only podcast to merge stripper jokes with security topics
  • GRM N00bs Security Podcast–> iTunes Link

    • The GRM n00bs chat about various security topics
    • New podcast, a little rough around the edges, but hey, I don’t see you (or me) doing any better 😉
  • (HPR) Hacker Public Radio –> iTunes Link

    • Explicit: Technology, Open Source, Hacking –> Various topics, released daily – Community Driven
    • Checkout the website for more information on how to take part
    • See episode 315, 420 and 445 for my contributions (so far…)
  • Hak5 –> iTunes Link

    • Video: Put together a band of IT ninjas, security professionals and hardcore gamers, Hak5 isn’t your typical tech show
  • Internet Storm Center Threat Update–> iTunes Link

    • Monthly podcast covering current network security threats
  • Network Security Podcast –> iTunes Link

    • Podcasting talking about the security issues that are relevant today such as consumer privacy and PCI-DSS.
  • OWASP Security Podcast –> iTunes Link

    • Join a wide variety of web application security experts as they examine the multiple aspects of application and software security.
    • Also posted are audio recordings from OWASP conferences
  • Pauldotcom Security Weekly –> iTunes link

    • IT Security news, research, vulnerability discussions and interviews –> one of the best podcasts around
    • Checkout iTunes for a video feed also (not updated often)
  • Risky Business –> iTunes Link

    • Australian podcast discussing the latest security news, with interviews and discussion peices.
  • RB2 (Risky Business 2)–>Feed Link

    • Recorded conference presentations, single-shot interviews with industry players, freelance contributions and more.
  • SANS Internet Storm Center StormCast –> iTunes Link

    • Daily microcasts sum,marizing information security issues of the last 24 hours
    • Short and sweat. Great to keep yourself up-to-date on new attacks and issues
  • SecuraBit –> iTunes Link

    • Explicit: Computer security podcast brough to you by Anthony Gartner, Chris Gerling, Chris Mills, and Jason Muellner.
  • Security Justice –> iTunes Link

    • Explicit: Discussing security regarding technology and computers but also providing information and news about physical security.
  • SMBMinute –> iTunes Link

    • Technology for SMB’s
  • SpiderLabs Radio –> iTunes Link

    • Monthly DJ Mixes and interviews with Spiderlabs security professionals
    • Mostly music, but worth it for the interviews even if you don’t need music to hack to 😉
  • Tenable Network Security –> iTunes Link

    • Official podcast of Tenable Network Security and the Nessus vulnerability scanner
    • Corporate podcast. Newly formed with Paul from pauldotcom.
  • 2600: The Hacker Quarterly–> iTunes Link

    • The Hacker Quarterly. Combined feed of Off the Hook and Off the Wall shows.
    • Lots of fundraisers, but occassionally interesting content
  • Midwest Teen Sex Show –> iTunes Link

    • Non-Security, hilarious/VIDEO: Podcast for teens and adults covering the wonderful, awkward, stimulating, sticky world of sex.
    • Trust me, you WILL laugh a lot. Unless of course you hate sex and jokes, in which case, don’t even click the link 😉

Well there it is, my shortened list of security podcasts (currently). I tend to switch and change depending on whats happening at the time and what my schedule is like. I’ve also skipped a few that don’t seem to be updating very regularly as their is a chance they’re off the air (blue box podcast, sploitcast spring to mind). I also snuck in one non-security podcast at the end. Give it a shot, it’s hilarious in an educational and strange way.If you’re into Linux as well, checkout the guys at Jupiter Broadcasting.

As I said before, if you’ve got some podcasts (good ones that is. Please don’t link me to Security NOW) that aren’t on my list, just let me know, and I’ll give them a shot.

[24.12.2009: Updated]