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Deutsche Post | Security Cup

A friend of mine (thanks Wim) posted this on Twitter. Normally if Deutsche Post  announce the release of a new service, it’s nothing to write home about. Certainly when it comes to security. However Deutsche Post have come up with an interesting competition in the build-up to the release of their E-Postbrief service.

Working with some well-respected members of the Security Community, they’ve come up with the Security Cup, and are offering some nice prizes for people/teams who find vulnerabilities in their web application or infrastructure.

As you can imagine the scope is limited, no client-side attacks for example, but with the prizes on offer (Major bugs are awarded with EUR 5,000,  normal bugs are awarded with EUR 1,000) it looks like it’ll draw a crowd.

If you want to find out more information, head over to the Deutsche post Security Cup web-page and sign-up (via email). The sign-up phase runs through September, so there’s plenty of time!