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The Script Kiddie 5-step program

We were all script kiddies at some point, even if we don’t like to admit it in public (I know I was for a long time, probably still am sometimes). So, to ease the process of getting your big boy hacker pants, I’ve drawn up this quick 5-step program!

  1. Understand your tools
  2. Understand the protocols
  3. Learn to fix a tool/script that’s broken
  4. Try to adapt a tool/scripts to improve them
  5. Write your own tool/scripts

Yeah I know… nothing amazing and black art style… but going from nothing to something doesn’t mean being a master. It does however mean that you need to work at it!

Yousif Yalda strikes again

Over the past few weeks, Wesley at the excellent www.mcgrewsecurity.com has blogged about the infamous (I use that word very very loosely) security consultant Yousif Yalda. I’ll save you the pain of re-hashing what’s already been covered, but you should really check out the hilarious posts on Wesley’s blog. If your having a dull day this’ll pep you right up 😉

sorry_CA01 For bonus points, you also get to listen to Yousif’s friend/lackey phoning Wesley at 2am to get all repetitive up on his ass. It’s funny, on a whole new level. If you listen closely you even get to hear him cussing me out as a MF’ing Canadian. Close, but not quite accurate. In that I’ve never even BEEN to Canada. The slideshow Wesley has kindly added to stop us all from falling asleep during the inane ramblings adds well to the overall effect as the crazy man-spud takes repetition to whole new level. I wonder if the audio would make a good ringtone ???