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SANS: Last prep exam, done and done

So, I finally got a chance to sit down for a few hours and finish the last of my 2 free prep exams from GIAC/SANS. Overall I’m happy with the results, but a little annoyed at a couple of the questions I missed. It’s always the easy ones that I tend to get wrong. I usually catch them as I run through the answers before clicking the dreaded APPLY or COMMIT buttons. SANS however doesn’t allow this and as soon as you answer, you’ve answered. Still, just means I need to spend a few more seconds re-reading each question and answer to make sure I’m not being a moron again.

Hopefully I’ll be taking the full test this week sometime and I’ll let you know what the results are. I’m aiming for over 90% so I can have the chance to work as a SANS Mentor in the future…. but I’ll settle for more if IO can get it.

Always aim for 100%.. at least that’s what I do 😉 Wish me luck….

SEC:560 preparations

Well I finally set aside some time to complete my first allocated practice test for the SANS SEC:560 course that I took a few months back. I’m not that happy with the final result. Then again I’m aiming for over 90% so that I can look at working in the SANS mentor program in the future. So have to set the sights high and hope for luck on the day.

The final result on the practice test was 87.33% so with a little more thinking before I start with the clicking and all should be fine. To be honest it’s not as hard as I thought it would be. Then again, I’ve studied hard for this, so maybe it’s just in my head. Good course overall, and definitely better then anything the EC-Council guys have to offer. The books alone are a masterpiece.

Next steps: A week reviewing my failures and what I missed in the exam. Then back to the second and last practice test…. repeat, recycle and go for the real thing at last. I need the exam out of the way so I can concentrate on my German classes a little more.