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Metasploit Modules

This page serves as a central location for code I’ve written to work with the Metasploit Framework. Some content here may be outdated, as once it’s integrated to the Metasploit GIT Repository (if accepted into the main tree) all further edits will occur in the Metasploit trunk directly.

(Updated 2012.12.07)

I don’t update this page very often as things change a lot in the Metasploit world. This page will serve as a reference, but the best bet would be to check the Metasploit GIT repository for modules I’ve committed.

Metasploit SAP Modules (for reference only, all modules accepted into the Metasploit Trunk, including exploit module)

Note: The following modules were committed to the Metasploit main SVN tree [r11858] on 2011.03.02

Note: To use these modules with your current Metasploit install, place them into your ~/.msf3/modules folder (retaining the directory structure above… e.g. auxiliary/scanner/sap).

All Metasploit Modules are stored on Google Code HERE

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