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Module Name: sap_mgmt_con_getlogfiles

Module Type: Auxiliary

Module Path: /auxiliary/scanner/sap

Note: The following modules were committed to the Metasploit main SVN tree [r11858] on 2011.03.02

SAP Management Console Get Logfiles / Developer Tracefiles

This module simply attempts to download available logfiles and developer tracefiles through the SAP Management Console SOAP Interface. SAP Management Console communicates by default over port 5<instance ID>13 (default 50013) using clear text SOAP requests. Some webmethods are restricted.


Use LFILE parameter to download logfile / tracefile to a XML file on the local system

Logfiles and Developer Tracefiles can be listed using the sap_mgmt_con_listlogfiles module

Download:  Google Code Download List


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