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TYPO3 Advisories (TYPO3-SA-2009-016)

Some people may have noticed the addition of an “advisories” section to the blog over the last few days. Despite the fact I’m drugged up on painkillers and muscle relaxants, I managed to post up some information about the newest TYPO3 Security Advisories released in the past week.

Although the latest additions are basic XSS type vulnerabilities, I thought it was worth adding some information to the text from the TYPO3 security team. Once I’m a little less dosed up, I’ll try and add some example XSS strings (purely for educational purposes). I’m a believer in responsible disclosure, but a part of that is obviously disclosing the vulnerability and how it can be tested. Without that, security practitioners end up with a list of possible exploits and no way to demonstrate this to their clients. I personally hate nothing more than having to write “vulnerable to unpublished exploit” in a report, and often see those kind of vulns ignored or pushed to the back of the pile.

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